Should I get an iPhone 3G or iTouch?

Having been an AT&T customer for years, way back to when it was AT&T Wireless, became Cingular, then becoming the new AT&T (formerly known as SBC), my current mobile phone of choice is a Blackberry Curve 8300. Curve I’ve had it for just over a year, actually decided to get the Curve instead of the 1st iPhone launched a few days later. The Curve has served me well, and still does.

With the frenzy over iPhone 3G launch last weekend, I took a look at my cell phone upgrade elgibility, and wouldn’t you know it, I’m eligible on 7/19/08! That’s this weekend!

Since the prices and calling plans are plain confusing, I don’t know how much more an upgrade to iPhone 2.0 will cost me over the 2-year contract. My calling plan + data plan already pushes me past the 3-digit mark every month (i.e. $100+). My monthly communications allowance is $180, which is inclusive of my cell phone and internet (DSL).

Right now I’m leaning towards getting the iTouch, which would have everything except the phone part — I can still get music, videos, photos, use apps, and browse the internet via wifi. And by keeping the Curve, too, I’d more have overall longer battery life on the road — the Curve and the iTouch. So that’s what I’m thinking — what do you think? I’ll put it up for a vote:

Now, the voting results will not be binding, but (just like the election) your vote does count! And, remember, this is an exhibition not a competition so please, no wagering.

[update] hmmm.. Gadgetress found 6 ways to win a free iPhone

[update 2] talked with 2 different AT&T CSRs and they say my monthly costs will remain the same! So, now it’s deciding when to get in on the iPhone bandwagon, and whether 8gb or 16gb!

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12 Responses

  1. Dan RA says:


    iTouch sound quality is HORRIBLE. If you care about the sound quality of portable music-playing devices, stay far away from all new generation iPods.

    But if that’s not as big a concern…

  2. ksc says:

    do you really want to carry two devices around? you’ll end up just carrying just your cell phone. get the 3g iphone and get a car charger … it’s just too convenient to have all those 3rd party apps with geolocation.

  3. djchuang says:

    Took a while, but did the math. It’s a $1000 decision here, iPhone 3G hardware, an additional $30/ month over 2 years (to keep same # of minutes + data + unlimited SMS as I have now), iPhone cover, and other accessories.

    With the numbers quantified, it helps to take some of the emotions out of the decision-making. Now to find that $1,000 …

    aside: a friend got approval for getting iPhone at his non-profit org b/c “we are doing more property management, maintenance, etc. that requires project workplans… i can be anywhere and pull up the project workplan (usually an excel or word file), pull up the real file, show it to the person i’m standing with, then email them the draft, all without leaving the meeting”

  4. Reyes-Chow says:

    I am going with KSC on this one. One device. Make your choice. I will be headed the 3g way this coming week if all goes well. My excitement is hard to contain.

  5. peter ong says:

    i had a similar dilemma. i opted for the ipod touch because the data and voice plan pricing was just outrageous.

    so here is the deal, if you have a city with plenty of wifi spot then the touch is perfect.

    but with all the new applications that utilize the YOUR LOCATION on the iphone does make it tempting, so I would love to play with the different applications with Yelp with YOUR LOCATION but to be honest, it is not something that is so necessary.

    you can always use the curve’s browser to find local things…it is just a cool factor with the iphone. the curve you can tether to internet…with iphone you can’t.

    the touch is pretty cool and i use it as a PDA and my primary ipod. I think the sound is superior to any mp3 player out there but i have to admit it is a pretty pricey mp3 player (I got it as a gift).

    My verdict is stick with the curve, enjoy the great keyboard, the internet browsing, pda and of course the phone. The iphone is fun. but for functionality it is alright…the ipod itouch is purely a fun gadget…and a good replacement for your ipod if you want to use it as a pda.

  6. Amarnath says:

    Always been wanting to lay my hands on Apple 3G…. waiting!!

  7. yasmine says:

    Well, i had the same issue as you, Iphone or itouch? well, the iphone more expensive in the long run, you have to pay 30/data plan, and the plan itself depend what plan you are going to. The cheaper plan still at 69.99 and add on the data and tax, plus you don’t have unlimit .
    now , the itouch, one time cost but you can’t use the phone and the camera.
    the other thing you can do is, get the iphone and use it for a month or 2 then break the contract which going to cost you 175.00 plus the phone when you first sign up is 299.99 activation fee 36 and tax and first month. (still cheaper than the 2 years paying for it) then you get some one of buy the unlock program and then use it with other carrier .
    if it is make sense then here is other way to do it.
    and plus make sure you prepare atleast 650.00 for all these .
    good luck

  8. Ken says:

    I had been envious of iphone users all last year as i was stuck in my tmobile plan. That plan recently ended, and the release of the iphone 3g was super exciting. But when I started doing consumer researcher I actually decided against the iphone. It lacked some very practical features that were important to me.

    We all know it lacks voice dialing and you can’t send picture messages or take video. That’s a bummer but not a deal breaker for me. What I did not like was that you could not delete individual text messages without jail breaking the phone and voiding warranties. But my biggest gripe was the battery life. Coming from phones in the past that either never had great battery life or had batteries that wore out really fast, I am so sick of worrying about my battery. The fact that the iphone 3g will AT BEST get a day and a half IF you TURN OFF 3g and bluetooth when you’re not using it completely turned me off.

    Add this to a bunch of horror stories about at&t as a provider and I regretfully decided against my dream iphone. The device is great, but it just isn’t practical. So i decided against it and got a phone that was more practical for my needs. My friend offered to sell me his itouch since he just bought the iphone for 100 dollars. I’ll be doing that. A phone is a device that needs to be practical, an mp3 player doesn’t. I’ll take all the great multimedia aspects of the iphone in the itouch and keep a more practical fun.

  9. richard serra says:

    Earphones are the key on iTouch. I have the Shure 530's and they are absolutely phenomenal. You have to break them in for the size of your ear, but once done, they're the finest, unless you want to jump to very high priced ipod phones.

  10. Nick da quick says:

    I feel that u should get the iPod touch because the iPhone and iPod touch is basically the same thing except the phone features… With the iPod touch you don't have to pay for the time you use on the Internet but with the iphone you have all types of extra data charges which is not a very good thing if you like being on the Internet alot like me. I have the iPod touch and I love it because it had everything that I need the internet music of course and all the apps I want… But if you want to pay for all those differnt things that u have to for the iPhone then be my guest and get it. That's over a grand a year on the AT&T contract compared to only 230 for the itouch and that's it. No other charges for anything unless you want to buy music and apps that cost money buy yeah get the iPod touch so you could be like me!:)