shifting traffic

this journal is now the most trafficked pages on my web site…….

now, here’s a lower denominator driven waterbrain idea — “Is Your Church Hot?“, and I quote: “.. about a 5.6 worship and a 6.9 sermon. but overall i think you will find our overall sex appeal will be about a 8.0.”

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  1. William says:

    What an interesting idea. A ratings guide, or a review, or a list of what a church offers, may be good to get the church to think about those outside. I guess a consciousness for reaching out to others. If you knew you were being rated, you might want to raise the bar a little!In my own writing, I found myself sort of reviewing my own churchHere and HEREBut I would think that the reviewers guidelines would be to be edifying vs. overly critical (or critical for criticalness sake).

  2. Macker says:

    it is an interesting thought. once upon a time I would have seized on the notion of coding it for/with you.happy to help in other ways …

  3. Ben says:

    DJ, there’s no one better to assess churches than you… but ’tis better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

  4. Joe says:

    Great idea… would love to use this when we move to a different area. Maybe post for your request.