Saturday Surprises: Tired is the new Fine

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Tired is the new Fine. I’m noticing that answers to “How are you?” is switching from “Fine.” to “Tired.” Haven’t you? In DETAILS magazine — Being Tired Is Not a Status Symbol — “Some people think telling everyone how exhausted they are makes them seem important. But flaunting your fatigue only makes you insufferable… Stop complaining–No one cares how tired you are.” [ cf. So Tired: Where Web surfers go when they haven’t slept a wink; EDGE’s Jeanne Harnois notes, “Caffeine, the new status symbol“; contrasts with ]

Pastors in rural area churches, or “in the sticks”, there’s a conference for you in Loudonville, Ohio — aptly called “the sticks” conference, November 11-12, 2008. [ht: LeadingSmart] cf. conference blog has latest updates and a Free Gas giveaway.empty gas guage

Kinko‘s is fading away. Several months ago in car with wifey, behind a FedExKinko’s truck, I commented to her that the Kinko’s font is so thin compared to the FedEx font, I think Kinko’s is going to fade away and disappear. Lo and behold, it’s now official. I saw it coming, er, going.

Jason Calacanis retires from blogging and holds a mock press conference to answer questions. He’s only been at it for 5 years; I’ve been blogging since 1999. But then again, I didn’t have to deal with the pressures of being an A-List blogger.

Starbucks is closing 600 of its stores all over the United States, and here’s a list of 7 in Orange County that I have been to and/or have co-worked at:

  • valley view & firestone 16610 valley view ave la mirada ca
  • pch & boat canyon 636 n pacific coast hwy laguna beach ca
  • lake forest & muirlands 22621 lake forest dr lake forest ca
  • marguerite & college dr 28171 marguerite pkwy mission viejo ca
  • trabuco hills 27775 santa margarita pkwy mission viejo ca
  • newport & el camino real 14001 newport ave tustin ca
  • newport & main 13681 newport ave tustin ca

See the complete list of Starbucks stores closing before June 2009. [ht: savvywallet] 3 other OC Starbucks are closing too.

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3 Responses

  1. i agree with the thought that those who when asked how they constantly respond that they are “tired” does so for the most part to feel important. i know it made me feel important when i used it. people would even sympathize with me. i have given it up. it has made and is making a difference.