Saturday Surprises: more than Louie Giglio church planting

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1 Response

  1. Dan Ra says:

    I don't think I like the idea of Louie planting a church…

    It's not Louie OR a territorial mindset. But my fear is, as a resident of Atlanta, we get another ultra-hip, local-church-focused, attractional, seeker-sensitive… church along with the other hundreds that look to Louie and Passion as their beacon of ecclesial hope.

    I sometimes wish that America would secularize itself faster so that our Christianity is forced to change into a anti-power, subversive faith that requires MUCH LESS than stadium-style seating and jumbotron screens with really well-dressed and poster-boy worship leaders.

    Again, I don't doubt Louie's heart. He is an amazing man of God. But ministries that stress “local church growth” just seem to miss the mark in my book.