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Weekends are typically lower traffic for most websites. This suggests that there’s an awful lot of web surfing and internet use during work / business hours. Some of that may be legitimate research and work-related stuff. Some of it not so much. In an open-source collaborative world, the lines between work and play, business and personal, are blurring. For the next gen, it’s bordering on ridiculous if an employee is told that “you’re not paid to Twitter” or “you’re not paid to blog.” Not all twittering and/or blogging is good for business. But, twitter can be used in a way that better connects a business (or organization) to its audience and potential audience (aka customers, constituents, members). For the record, I don’t blog here during my work hours, and I keep 99% of my twittering during work hours work-related. (I say that because my Mom and my managers read my blog.)

Saturdays are now a new rhythm for me: a mix of home-related errands, father-and-son day, and/or chatting on the phone via free weekend minutes.

Today I’m starting something new I’ll call Saturday surprises. I’ll do a top-of-mind brain-dump of what’s surprised me during this (past) week. Saturday surprises will be a live post, not a post that was created days in advance and made to go live in the future. Caveat: I may not blog every Saturday or only surprises specifically from this week.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words DJ! The truth is I read your blog for a full year before ever attempting my own. You have taught me more than you know about the blogosphere. Thanks for reading and for your generosity.