Saturday surprises: being a human being

Lots of buzz words dominate the conversations I’m hearing: excellence. productivity. purpose. effective. passionate. mission. vision. results.

Frankly, it’s overwhelming to me. The past 2 weeks have been humbling to me, and I’ve had to slow down. And, Craig Groeschel spoke to this powerfully last Sunday. Towards the end of my travel season, some circumstances have indicated to me that I gotta pace myself better and add margin. No need to worry about me — my health is fine.

So, what I’m learning is to not push myself so hard, trying to be frenetically driven, always looking for ways to be more productive, more excellence. It strikes me as being more workaholic. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do our best, or that we shouldn’t grow and improve ourselves. Not to say we shouldn’t achieve and do great things. What I am saying is there’s more to being human and healthy and sanity.

It doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by so many task-oriented driven high-achievers. I’m just little ol’ me, relational-oriented, not goal-oriented, and all about conversations and connections. At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships, as stories of deathbed last words goes.[t] Sigh.

Here’s a thought, just came to me: it’s people from afar that care about achievements. It’s the people up close who care about their relationship with you, who love you for being you.[t]

On another note, random finds for this Saturday:

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2 Responses

  1. human3rror says:

    totally agree with your thoughts about achievements vs. relationships… perhaps my own perspective sometimes messes up the reality of it all…

    forgot you were a fellow dts'er…! it'll be a long time till i graduate. all good, i suppose…

  2. Thanks for the link, DJ! Hope everything's great with ministry and family.