Saturday Surprise: what to get for DJ’s birthday

I am now 42 years old. Had a joyous birthday earlier this week (I’m not giving you the exact date of birth to prevent identity theft) – THANKS for all the Facebook birthday wishes (more than 42!) and presents and presence. Thrilled to have a full Godfather table (Buca Di Beppo) for belated celebratory birthday dinner last night. My kind of dining ambiance! I’m not into group photos, so there ain’t any, gottaproblemwiddat? The best happy birthday wish I got at birthday dinner:

About presents and gifts for me, in a world of gift cards, here’s my insider tips: I love Starbucks, Five Guys, Under Armour; Target, B&N is okay; I don’t shop at Best Buys, but often get their gift cards, so kindly stop it. Could also use my wish list as a shopping guide….

Here’s my surprise finds for the week:

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