Saturday surprise: thinking in many directions

Spending a Father & Son day, deciding between Redondo or Hermosa or Manhattan beaches. Might get in all 3. Lunch destination is FIVE GUYS in Carson, California. Yes, the best burgers in the country has come to Southern California!

Dropped off wifey at International Printing Museum, her workplace in Carson. She’s got a dream job too. A virtual generator of word art has been the buzz this past week — see — this pix is my tags:

Rhett Smith gives Kudos to N.T. Wright for Going on The Colbert Report. He might be the 1st theologian on a cable TV news satire show. I’ve never watched Colbert, so don’t know what category he self-identifies with. [direct link to video]

Saw this quote at the masthead of this magazine‘s website — “The New Criterion is probably more consistently worth reading than any other magazine in English.” Intriguing. Intellectually intriguing.

The Criterion did have this fascinating article title: Sinners in the Jacuzzi of a Laid-Back God. And, its blogroll had: God of the Machine. has an online streaming radio station, in addition to all the other goodies they put online. This radio station automagically plays a mix of Christian contemporary music and praise & worship.

Taking my first vacation of 2008 starting next Friday. Driving up the coast of California to the Bay area. Family will be with me. Maybe see Bruce Reyes-Chow if he’s not on the campaign trail. Thought about staying at Madonna Inn, but since we’re driving thru, didn’t want to spend that much $$ for 1 of their 109 unique themed rooms. Need to keep our budget for foodie excursions at our final destination.

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  1. Colbert is a Catholic who teaches Sunday School. He has had several religious leaders of various stripes on the show. Once he broke character over faith issues.