Saddleback’s 25th Anniversary at Angel Stadium

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  1. Said non-fisking communications director for the American Lung Association of Minnesota speaking. My email address is on our blog, yet the pro-smoke cheerleader who complains never once tried to contact me directly. Unlike the smoky scribe, I don’t have the luxury of a regular column in one of Minnesota’s largest dailies to counter his Phillip Morrisspeak. So we started a blog, the first of its kind we know of. Much of the Twin Cities metro area is now smokefree.

  2. Pastor Rick Warren, who is the same age as I, we both went to the same seminary, we are both Southern Baptist pastors, can be described as the most dangerous pastor in America. He is flirting with New Age thinking, has co-opted the Peter Drucker corporate model for doing church, is a closet Robert Schullerite, and does havoc with the Word of God with very poor hermeneutics and exegesis to justify his worldly pragmatism. Buyer, beware!