rock concert worship

how about this? 2 blog entries in the same day 🙂 this weekend have felt mostly blah, disenaged and dissociated from the many things that are queued up to do in the coming weeks. It’s times like this that I waver between a couple of thoughts: how my mind goes to mush occasionally, how much I have to do but don’t feel motivation for it, how hard it is to find quality stimulating & engaging conversations.. I did get with an ol’ friend, who was too tired from bein’ on call the night before, but never the less good to hang out with him, and to enjoy some northern Chinese food at A&J, which we found out in some small talk conversations that it ws actually founded by a Taiwanese restauranteur rather than someone from a precisely northern Chinese province.. and lunched with some hangout friends at a Korean fusion place in Takoma Park that served brown rice that looked purple.. church service this morning was memorable, as part of the celebration, we clapped to the closing credits of the movie Rat Race, with the tune of Smashmouth’s all star song; don’t get to do that in 99.99% of churches!

as a diversion and/or distraction, decided to watch the World Series last night, and tonight.. hadn’t watched any baseball all season, but this is a good an occasion as any.. wow, Angels are coming out with a vengence, 5-0 in the bottom of the 1st!!

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