roaming at day 2 of AWAKEN

Today I’m roaming on the perimeter of AWAKEN, and working from the outside courtyard. Not attending the conference itself. Should be meeting up w/ Ben Arment, Cynthia Ware, Steve Choi, Dan Kimball, maybe others. The content is mostly recycled from what I can tell; Hybels recycled, according to Mike.

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To keep things interesting, conference speakers are getting shorter time slots: Q gives 18 minutes to each speaker. Awaken gives 10 minutes to each speaker. Hmmm.. get to the point, quick, quit wasting time? The countdown clock at Q is way more intimidating.

Here’s an idea. How about a conference where speakers have to present at least 50% new content? Fresh content sure would be more engaging than old recycled content. Yes, recycled content is more polished, kinda like a stand-up comedian delivering the good stuff that works. I think it’d be much more engaging where the speaker tries out new (and raw) material, right there at the conference. That’d show their real humanity on the spot. As Erwin values raw beauty, how about raw content?

Can you imagine a conference that’s billed as 100% all-new content!?

[update] @ Awaken, Jumaine Jones has snaps (photos) and day 1 takeaways. Eric Bryant is first out of chute with Day 2 summary.

djchuang orange
Me in orange at Awaken Day 2 — photo credit to Dan Kimball.

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2 Responses

  1. hey DJ- sorry we missed each other at Awaken. I don’t know if you and Ben were able to connect either. Anyway, look forward to catching up and maybe seeing you at Q.


  2. djchuang says:

    Brad, sorry to missed you and Ben last week. Ben and I did text each other.

    Will see you at Q in New York City next week. Find me at