rise and shine

i’m up at 5am today b/c my boy likes to sleep in our big queen bed, but there’s not enough room for all of us (me, my wife, and my boy).. i’ve been sleeping odd hours [odd for me] anyways, getting to bed before 10pm, and awakening about 5am or so the past few days.. nothing really on my mind per se, but getting to surf the ‘net with more bandwidth [via cable modem] and less ‘net traffic.. came across some cool sites today [see above], and basically feeling pretty good, as God seems to have things under control with my life and the fam and the rest.

i like seein’ personal web sites that have good substantive content, not that they have to reveal too much, but enough to get an understandin’ of who someone is.. i noticed lots of interest [among Asian-Ams] for import cars and the other gender [depending on perspective], but not much for spirituality.. graspin’ graspin’ and graspin’ for somethin’ to fill that empty void in the soul that only Christ can fill..

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