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Rick Warren makes another circuit of media junkets after his trip around the world over 48 days to 14 countries. Fox News had a TV special on him this past Sunday and is selling the DVD for $19.99. [ht: MondayMorningInsights] Fox was good enough to allude to the connection between Rick Warren’s bestselling book published by Zondervan, and Fox Network, both owned by Rupert Murdoch. Video promos for that special here and here pulled salient sound bites. Plus this older Fox News interview with Rick from 2/12/06.

And last week, Rick Warren was on Charlie Rose for a longer interview, talking in sound bites:

Then, using some video search engines, I found a local CBS segment “Evangelical Author Vows To Join Fight Against AIDS” (8/20/06), ABC News’ Rick Warren’s Purpose (2/3/06), A Call to Churches for Aid [Hurricane Katrina] (9/2005). And, these unofficial videos on YouTube: Rick Warren in the Philippines 2006 (2:25) from CBN News; Rick Warren in South Korea (raw video from 1 of 100,000 attendees; 3:04); and “What does it mean to be a follower of Christ,” part 1 and part 2, in under 15 minutes. Best sound bite in the whole mix: “I don’t understand the chemistry of digestion, but that doens’t stop me from eating steak” (at 3:08).

Official videos: from Saddleback — The Stewardship of Influence — Using What You’ve Got (5:12); from PurposeDrivenLife.com— What Does It Mean To Follow Christ? 2 versions: Hi or Low. Plus, see 5 videoblogs via Rick Warren’s Travel Log about his Asia trip. And 20 minutes with Rick Warren at February 2006’s TED conference (Technology, Entertainment & Design).

As an aside, someone just had to take a dig, over at SermonAudio.com: Christ Is Our Pattern, Not Rick Warren.

With our media-saturated culture and shortened attention span, sound bites + slogans communicate best to the masses (and decision-making executives too). There’s not much room or time left for thoughtful reflections and verbosely written nuanced texts. Now, I’m out of time, and I need to take every spare moment to work on my sermon for this coming Sunday, on time, titled “Having the Time of Your Life.” Will try to have I did get it recorded and you can listen to the audio here.

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3 Responses

  1. bumble says:

    Hey DJ, thanks to your Tim Keller page, I am now his fan! I have been taking in many of his wisdom from your mp3 links. Now, unless for Rick Warren, I think I will wait til the day you post him under “wisdom” section [grin]

  2. Joe says:

    Thanks for this nice collection of links. I’ll have to bookmark some of these for now and watch them when I have some time. I remember watching Warren in a Fox news interview and being impressed by his ability to avoid loaded questions (“conservative hit jobs” as Clinton would say) yet still answer insightfully and meaningfully. I think I should write down some bullet points that would make good sound bites and refer to them at my next opp. I’ll see if I can pick up on some nuances when watching Warren…