revolutionizing American politics

You may already infer that the absence of politics here, even amidst a very excitingly dramatic election year, that I am politically ambivalent. But, I do vote.

I got this email recently from a guy named David Wetzell, who is a professor of Economics, with a Master’s in Theological Studies and a former blogger at the Anti-Manichaeist

We’re still in stage one of casting seeds right now, and transitioning into stage 2 of contacting our local state-level third parties and selling them the idea. So if you could pass it on along with my contact info to (umpteen, 10) people who might be interested along with my contact info and ask for them to do the same, maybe it’ll get going. In CA, you have the option of pushing for a referendum on changing your state constitution. That might work and it certainly would get plenty of media attention to the idea…

But you know, pray about it. I’m only doing this because I believe that we need a new kind of political system, one that provides more spaces to allow people to act selfless to influence policy without getting wrapped up in the power-politics that so easily sickens people and pulls them away from what is truly important in life.

… truth is, I don’t know what strategy to use to cast seeds on this issue. It’s one thing to get people to appreciate it’s structure, it’s another to get them to commit to it in the way that I’ve become committed to the idea.

But that’s what it’ll probably take, I need people to commit to the idea that changing our rules for elections, first at the state level, is the way to renew our democracy and thereby steer our own country along a diff path. My idea has the advantage of not requiring that we put our faiths in any particular party/candidate and the latter is what seems to be the main strategy most people are using…

It is what it is. You can also read his proposal outline here. His email [email protected] is the best way to get in touch with him if you people have questions.

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3 Responses

  1. dlw says:

    thanks man,

    I believe I may have made some contacts this weekend who could help the ball get going on trying to get a petition in CA for Referendum that wd change your state constitution so your local state legislative elections wd be done by PR election systems at the intra-state regional level.

    I hope to get your signature and maybe that of some of your family and friends when that happens.


  2. randplaty says:

    The french political system is based on something similar… as are a number of other democracies I believe.

  3. dlw says:

    Well, I guess you put it back up….

    Let people know about my new blog: “a new kind of third party”