return of the CB

while sitting in traffic on the commute back from NC last weekend, I thought up another idea: wouldn?t it be great if cell phones stored profiles, and would flag others on the same cell tower with intersecting profiles? so as I?m approaching traffic, or see traffic piling up going the other way [coming up on I-85 near Henderson, the traffic was getting diverted to an exit b/c they closed down the highway, probably due to an accident], I can call someone up at random on my profile proximity list, and ask what?s going on, and also offer my own phone to give a friendly tip.. of course there?re many other uses for cell phone proximity profiles, cf. Japan got yet another way for matchmaking ..

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  1. Joe Chen says:

    Wow, that’s a great idea! Also can be used to see who’s around the area for lunch or a game of bridge. 🙂