Return from Russia

Returned yesterday afternoon from my Kalmykia short-term mission trip; it was perhaps the smoothest short-term mission trip in history, to my knowledge (sans the car we were riding in breaking down). Tho’ this was my first overseas missions trip, compared to stories I hear about being abroad, ours went off without bumps at all. Even passport checks and customs went through so quickly, we were just so amazed. The prayer coverage from our supporters thorough and trememdous- it had to be the prayer coverage, because our preparations were not particularly the best- as this was our first home-church lauched trip (many short-term trips are often organized by a missions agency). What did I learn? Teamwork and communication are absoutely essential, and that is a vital part of working cross-culturally (or even with different people, for that matter). Life is life, and people are people. Missions work is simply ministry in a different location. With the shrinking of the global community (because of the widening availability of the Internet, technology, communication, and travel), missions work is easier in the modern/postmodern age. The challenges of crossing cultures is still there, but with more accompanying tools, it doesn’t have to be that hard (ministry is hard enough as it is, we don’t need to make it harder).

Pictures are on the web, thanks to digital camera technology, at, and stories are soon to be presented and published.. [Zing photos has since become defunct]

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