resurrection. reaction. reaching.

Lots of faith blogging buzz percolating. I’ve cut back on my blogging here b/c of a scare last month with running into my current web host’s monthly bandwidth limit, leaving me on a scramble for another one.

Easter was not only a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, experiences its own resurrection (again).
Progressive faith bloggers put together a version of their own conference in reaction to GodBlogCon [ht: velveteenrabbi].

Andrew had asked me for some thoughts on Internet Evangelism Day, and my thinking in 25 words or less is: IED is good for exposing traditionalists who are not yet fully online. But, presenting static content online is far short of having conversations online, and organizations are reticent to be that individually authentic.

NYT also jumps in with this: Evangelicals Debate the Meaning of ‘Evangelical’. [ht: emergesque via justin] Yes, quite debatable, but nowheres near as debatable as emerging or emergent.

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