restraining order

I don’t write about anything and everything that crosses my mind here, even tho’ it is proported to be a place where you can read my mind. You get a selected slice of my thoughts and feelings and ideas, and that’s about all. I have not been given carte blanche to talk about my family, my marriage, my jobs. You can easily extrapolate the sensitivities involved in those areas.

A minority of it (referring to my decision to exercise restraint) is due to discretion and wisdom and faith. Where faith plays a role is what’s called self-control.

A bigger part of it is respect for the differing perspectives of people around me in physical proximity (I prefer this term much more than IRL – in real life, because those of you who are my blog readers are real people too), and that they do not seem to have the same perspective of showing all their cards or voicing their opinions freely or showing transparency to the degree or in the manner I’ve been known to have done.

This has a particular effect on what I write for my autobiography. Much of my life has been shaped and impacted by real people around me, most of whom are still around and a few of them might glance at this blog. Thus a small dilemma in how much I feel I can disclose in the telling of my own story, tentatively titled “my random life.”

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