restful weekend

i turned 33 this past Friday, and my first thought is how this was so close to the age when Jesus Christ was crucified, and how he had impacted the world in such a tremendous way in a shortened life, and how centered he was… so i’m asking myself, now at the age of 33, how much has happened in my earthly existence [and i suppose if any one of us compared our lives to Jesus’ that we’d all pale in comparison, but follow my train of thought and don’t get lost here].. what kind of an impact am i having on the world, who are the people that i’m intentionally spending time with and pouring my insights and wisdom into, and where is it that i’m going.. Jesus to me is the best person to learn from and to be like.. i pray that i’m making progress towards that, as birthdays are a good marker to think about these kind of things

so Roo surprises me on Friday night, taking me to Les Miserables at the National Theater, and we had a group totalling 9 people sitting together for this momentous event.. [this was my first time seeing this; i’m not all into plays and operas and orchestras].. it was a wonderful story and a great production! we wind up staying up until 3am hanging out at Silver Diner, and then the rest of the weekend was layin’ low; got to attend a little friend’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon.. really enjoyed visiting with some new people.. and then sunday we tripped over to Winchester, to visit my ‘rents

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