resourcefulness + Tim Keller’s new book excerpt

I often get offline, in person, comments about how resourceful this website is, and how they’ve found it helpful for all kinds of information. But I’m also recently getting emailed and picking up online comments about the link rot on my website. While to the casual (or frequent) observer + website visitor, this website might seem impressive, it has gotten to where it is a little bit at a time. Since 1997 to be exact. It does not take me hours to maintain it every week. And, I can’t help it if other people can’t keep their content online and links updated. And, due to copyright restrictions of some people, I cannot freely archive a stash of content the way Google cache or‘s Wayback Machine can.

And, I did find this gem, an excerpt from Tim Keller‘s untitled new book —

Do we have a secular society in which skepticism and relativism reign, making orthodox faith both exotic and deviant? Or do we have an increasingly religious social order in which fundamentalism flourishes and non-belief is stigmatized? In an unforeseen and unexpected turn of events, we have come to a cultural moment in which both secular skeptics and orthodox believers feel their existence is threatened. We have neither the western Christendom of the past nor the secular society that has been predicted for so long. We have something else entirely. Both doubt and faith are on the rise in significant, powerful ways.

Read entire excerpt from the book’s introduction at Palpable Synergy

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  1. e says:

    Thank you for posting about Tim Keller’s new book. His apologetics has always struck me as particularly engaging–I hope he uses a commercial press.

    Do you know if he already has a publisher interested in it?