resistant relationship

a redesign long overdue is now under way.. the link above to my home page is starting to get a makeover, and I think you’ll like it.. my soul has been weighed by a strained relationship recently, for I am very intent on building good pesonal relationships (I was recently dubbed a “power relator” because I don’t settle for superficial haha type of relating), and it seems to me that as I attempt to draw near to this particular person, he gets very uncomfortable and even seething anger.. never seen anything like that before.. so I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, and how do I demonstrate God’s love to a person like that; I’m of the persuasion that if there is tension in a relationship it is best to talk it out, to let our guard down, to know our frailty, and to forgive one another, to mend and heal; it’s a new discipline for me to just give space, but that’s seems the best I can do for now.. whew, it feels good to vent..

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