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leaving out the door in a sec, bound for cross-country flight (direct, courtesy JetBlue an API symposium until Saturday; sms text message me on my home page and perhaps we can meetup or just chat on phone.. I’m using public transit, so you’ll have to come out to East Bay to meetup.. thrilled to be spending a few days in the most wifi enabled part of the country! 🙂

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  1. latinaliz says:

    Hi DJ
    Wonderful to have met you. The Multicultural lunch was a good start and I was equally happy to have been there with you. Rudy did the hook up there…I kept wondering what I would actually have to say. Seeing you around hotel, I wanted to talk to you but you seemed engulfed in another more interesting I left ya along. But we shall continue to dialogue and I hope to become friends. Blessings Liz Rios