remotely raleigh

Latino Liz posts the first blog report (that I found) on the Emerging Women Leaders Initiative during the past week near Atlanta.. maybe they pushed the whole frontier metaphor a bit too far 🙂

It was a lengthier trek due to Friday afternoon traffic + there’s no shortcuts around it. Made 2 stops along the way, one for dinner in Fredericksburg at a Chinese Bistro & Lounge place on US-17 [a slowly emerging market of restaurants combining Chinese cuisine with Western decour, atmosphere, and ambiance, cf. a local version of P.F. Chang’s niche], and a Richmond stop at a Starbucks near VCU (exit 76B, right onto Broad St.) — the idea that emerged from this stop was to have a “Triptik” version of Starbucks easily accessible off the Interstate, somewhat like those foldout AAA maps that chart gas stations, but with Starbucks locations, or a US map like those Cracker Barrel maps..

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