reloaded + reality

i got Reloaded yesterday as a part of a sold-out audience, enjoyed the fights and special effects, over the top.. i thought the philosophizing was great, especially by the French dude, but i couldn’t track with all of it.. my guess is it wasn’t supposed to be understood, and that it was intended to be esoteric and to confound.. recent conversation came up about the proliferation of reality shows, mostly on tv, and there’s a few making its way into theatres too, and my observations is that it fit with the times, that it is all a part of the preference of our generation for interactivity and authenticity, albeit pseudo-real and somewhat-contrived.. i think there’s a preference for that, than a totally fictionalized made-up scripted drama that’s half-baked, exception noted for when the drama is did up or the celebrities really big-name, and so it would become an experience in and of itself, a la the super-popular shows + movies.. American Idol being a big deal (and I’ve heard a family time event for many) even tho’ it’s only a repackaged talent show.. now I saw a preview for a new talent show for comedians coming in June, now that’s one I’d get into! [my dream is to be a stand-up comedian]

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