reliable Internet connection

Insomnia blogging. My sleep has been disrupted 2 nights in a row now from unknown unconscious causes.

NYTimes noted this problem of unreliable Internet connectivity at motels + hotels:

Five years ago, the main challenge for data-hungry business travelers was finding a hotel that offered high-speed Internet access. Then came a shift to wireless and even free connections.

But these days, the top priority for many is simply getting consistent, reliable access to the Internet, regardless of the cost or type of connection. That, it turns out, is not as easy as one might think.

I say forget counting on Internet connectivity from hotels. Get a mobile broadband Internet card. I just got one a few weeks ago, and got the one from Tmobile, b/c their Total Internet service allows me to login at Tmobile Hotspots for ‘free’ as a part of the monthly subscription. This gives me the best of both worlds. (granted, it’s a much faster connection with WiFi, but when its unreliable and unpredictable, that’s not good..)

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  1. Found you via google and thinking about getting the CellularOne GPRS/EDGE PC Card Modem for my laptop! You seem to be very happy with this service and I am wondering if you could answer a few questons for me! What kind of speed do you get and are you using this with all your interenet access? Do you have any problems with https files? Notice any problems with being inside the house vs outside? Would really love to hear more about your choice in servie!