reflections on travelling without a laptop

Here at Chicago O’Hare Airport with a couple hours before my flight back home to SNA. Was at Connext, a South Asian Christian leaders conference. Great connections. Energetic passion. Listen to my thoughts here. Lots for us to learn together as 2nd generation bicultural people; you might even call it 3rd culture.

On this trip, I did not take my laptop. Just a shoulder bag for the 2-nights stay. My only connection to the outside world was an iPhone 3g. That’s what I’m typing on now. A couple of learnings, even if i still travel laptopless:

– get an extra external backup battery; the iPhone drains pretty fast at a 12-hr day conference; we go from 9am-9pm each day
– bring a video camera, be it a ipod nano or flipcam
– use a roller bag instead of shoulder bag; no point going without laptop shoulder bag if i’m still shouldering the load

More in the audio: listen here. Easier to talk than type on iphone.

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5 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    i'd like to do this sometime, but i'm usually working at conferences and need my laptop.