red eyed return

spent a few days in the Bay area (Oakland, Monterey) as part of a focus group, aka marketing study, for an upcoming event.. and perhaps it should be no surprise, but it was to me, that the fast pace and widely pervasive technologies of the online world is not being used by significant numbers of people.. so for me to contribute a few common terms like viral, evite, buzz, and blog, it wasn’t venacular for them. Okay, guess that makes me the resident “expert”, to use a positive spin, or the marginalized geek, to be more realistic. 🙁

Good to visit with a couple of old friends, Joe & Tina, and greet their new blogging baby Maddy (tho’ I think it oughta be renamed to Mother of Maddy’s blog, with its motherly realism coming through much more than the baby’s voice).. and, thanks to Joe, I’m now IN! I’m connected to that exclusive Orkut network 🙂

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  1. enoch says:

    AAARGGH! love your blog. wanted to meet you but didn’t know you were hanging with the chens! oh well, next time.