recycle used cell phone and raise money too

[just got this info from the parent of my son‘s friend; I re-worded it to be more bloggish]

I am sure you have a few old cell phones lying around your office or home. But did you know that there are more than 500 million used cell phones lying around in drawers, of worse yet, landfills or incinerators? And last year, less than 1% of retired cell phones were recycled! Cell phones contain toxic materials like lead, mercury and arsenic. If incinerated these substances pollute the air. In landfills they can leach into the soil and ground water. And we all benefit from more recycling of metals like gold, silver and copper.

The campaign, ?Recycle My Cell Phone? ( aims to make recycling cell phones, PDAs, and pagers as easy as recycling bottles, paper, and cans! It’s simple, easy and free to recycle your cell phone. Just go to the website and print out a postage paid mailing label; put your old cell phones, PDA’s, beepers and chargers into a box, tape the label on it, and give to your mail carrier.

Even if the environmentalism might not tug at your heart strings, maybe money will. Your local school/church/charity can collect phones as a fundraiser: on average groups that are collecting phones get about $2 per phone!

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