reconstructive surgery

I just finished an hour-long reconstructive surgery — to rebulid the lost blog entries from yesterday’s server crash. I first learned of the crash from (with whom I was dialoguing about money and church in a comment thread now gone). Had a power conversation with Rudy over IM today, to which I’m sworn to secrecy, but 1 piece of intel’ passed security clearance — his kind request for me to retell about my reconstructive surgery.

18 entries were recovered in all. 100% of comments were lost (while recoverable via Web caches, the head surgeon deemed it expendable). About 98% of the content is fully restored. Hyperlink target tags were left as is from cache records. About 80% of the permalinks were successfully restored. Damage yet to be fixed include at least a dozen pages on the website side of, the new category of church directories at my church index, this blog template, and other things I’ll discover later. Pure estimated guesses — I’m not that AR to track all the statistics from this reconstructive surgery. I switching back and forth between 4 windows, lots of copy & paste, resetting dates and titles, much monotonous work.

Most of the content was restored from cache (which, incidentally, was bought out by early this week). A kind co-worker found another cache of my blog at and there is also the infamous Google cache (from which I used to recover 2 other entries overwritten by yesterday’s entries b/c of how b2evolution does its blog management).

Now when you have to do blog reconstructive surgery, be sure you do it promptly. Time is of the essence. Web cache might have a short time to expiration, maybe 3 days, maybe longer. But you can’t gamble b/c it’s unpredictable. Or, you can chalk it up to spring cleaning and not bother to recover it.

The best insurance is regular backup, and no, I still have not learned my lesson after hard drive crash every so often. I will not backup. I confess, I gamble.

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