Real-time tweets + live blog for Q New York City

I’ll be live-twittering (very similar to live-blogging, but shorter & faster) at the Q conference here in New York City! things kick off at 10:00am Eastern

Follow me @ for real-time updates from Q in Gotham Hall, New York City!

Live-blogging will be provided by Scott Hodge! Sitting with Jenni Catron of – women & leadership

Fermi Blog will be linking to us, sweet! 🙂 Free wifi is open to all here – SSID = WizardStudiosNY

[update] other live-blogging at Q — Marla @, Chris @

[update 2: twittier replies]

knightopia @djchuang I love Shane Hipps. His book “The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture” is a must read for anyone interested in church/communication in reply to djchuang

toddrho @djchuang Nice callout from the stage, DJ! in reply to djchuang

toddrho @djchuang is a twittering MACHINE! in reply to djchuang

scotthodge @djchuang color of lanyard determines activity today. in reply to djchuang

shameonyoko @djchuang : : : excellent, man. you are doing a great job and I was just thinking of you. Peace! in reply to djchuang

yehwan @djchuang, thanks for your detailed tweets from Q! in reply to djchuang

pastorb007 @djchuang is live twittering the Q Conference. So it’s almost like being there. in reply to djchuang

Gingerlea @djchuang I just signed up at We’re on our way to change and loving our neighbors! in reply to djchuang

indychristian @djchuang — Is there a standard hashtag or delicious-tag for the Q-gathering? Wondered who all is liveblogging/tweeting it. in reply to djchuang

shameonyoko @djchuang : : : nice frequent updates, man. in reply to djchuang

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4 Responses

  1. Count me in on the live Q bloggers! It’s been a great conference so far! Hope to meet you in the course of the day,

  2. Hey DJ,

    Yeah, sorry we didn’t get to talk at the Awaken Conference. One of these days we’ll meet face-to-face!