raw transparency

this blogger is insanely real transparent, sharing about the most recent event in his wife’s life – a miscarriage – and he’s a pastor at that.. how do you think people or congregation will respond to this kind of vulnerability (i use the terms transparency and vulnerability interchangeably, tho’ some people split hair over them)? My experiences in the ethnic Asian context is they don’t. Sad.

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  1. Michael Nickels-Wisdom says:

    Well, of course, I can’t speak for others, much less the Asian community. But I think this transparency is really touching. Somewhere, somehow, things like this need to get out. And miscarriage is such a sticky, often overlooked experience. It’s having lost a child one never actually had, in a way. When my wife and I lost ours, I wrote this poem:planned for spring,our child is calledunviableMNW