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just attended the first keynote at the Podcast & New Media Expo in Ontario, met Fr. Roderick aka Catholic Insider, and here are some of my thoughts in the moment (mp3 audio)…

The conference setup was top-tier: first rows of rooms were tables reserved for laptop users, with first several rows equipped with power strips; free wifi internet throughout the entire convention center, and people could attend the keynotes and enter exhibit hall with free registration. From what I could tell in being there for just over an hour, there was a mix of hobbyists, producers, and a number of those who wanted to convert from hobbyist into professional (e.g. get paid to podcast.) More audio podcasters in the mix than video podcasters. Everyone is pretty much still figuring things out in this new media experimentation. Listening to Howard Lindzon, Creator of WallStrip, talk about how he sold Wallstrip to CBS for $5 million after running it for a mere 8 months for an investment cost $600k, it sounded like an incredible opportunity and lucky timing more than discovering the formula to monetize.

Talking with one of the veterans who’s attended all 3 of this annual conference, the conversation has moved from podcasting for the love and passion of doing it towards this year’s conversation about how to monetize podcasting.

Bottom line, for those that want to podcast with a business purpose, it’s all about producing quality content at a consistent frequency (be it daily or weekly, or somewhere in between). “Quality” would need to have as many of these ingredients: passion, fun, irreverence, energy, theme, uniqueness, personality, meaning, audio and/or video quality, clean edits, etc. Plus, it’s about being disciplined on marketing to grow the audience. For the hobbyist, these things don’t matter as much, you (and I) can just podcast for the love of it.

Podcast and New Media Expo

One of the very nice things that the conference organizers do is to post audios from past events online for free, listen for great tips and insights on podcasting::

2006 audios: day 1 and day 2

2005 audios: day 1 and day 2

I’m anticipating the 2007 conference audios will be online some time soon:: the links should be here for day 1, day 2, and day 3

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