raw potential

last night was the beginning of aalc2004 — the Asian American Leadership Conference, in downtown Los Angeles — first of its kind, and an amazing event with 300+ Asian American ministry leaders (pastors, campus ministers, seminary students, missionaries), and to get some of the leadership issues and training available to the general public is a wonderful thing.. and being the web-based person that I am, I think to myself (and for those of you tuned in, out loud) what raw potential there is, if just half of the attendance would continue the conversation online, at a place like aaministry.org, and build on the new relationships formed and new ideas shared.. no reason that it couldn’t happen, but yet, what is that intangible X factor that keeps people from doing it? General announcements + publicity + marketing will not “make it happen”.. more Asian Americans (as a racial grouping) are online on the internet than any other group, yet the leaders are not using the internet for more powerful purposes of increasing the value of social capital. [I’ll let that hang, out there, and see what we can get combustible]

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  1. enoch choi says:

    start a blog, use a tinyurl, announce it to the attendees, and i’d participate 😉