quick weekend

down in Raleigh for the weekend, to corral the re-launch of TYF for the new school year.. and en route, stopped by in Richmond to help a friend re-design a visual layout for their website.. we surfed around on a big screen (projected) with a live fractional T1 computer feed and wireless keyboard and mouse, while the colors were a little bit off, and of course I’ve got 12 browser windows opened; it was cool to surf the web with a few others interacting about it.. maybe I gotta get me one of those. 🙂

but my chronology is probably not why you’re here.. time and again I realize that I’m a slow learner, and how sheltered a life I grew up with.. while being in a small town of 20,000 can do that to a person, I’ve also found that as I interact with people from the Big city of 8 million, many of them can be just as sheltered.. so it’s looking to be more of nature than nuture as the determinant of what a person becomes.. the part I’m slowly learning is this whole realm of etiquette and social demeanor.. I’d never cared about it before, b/c I wanted people to accept me, to like me, for just the way I am, and would never make adjustments to my external appearance so that people would have an easier time connecting with me using visual cues.. if people are so thrown by appearances, then they’re too shallow and reactionary for me, for I’m about substance, and so I thought.. now I’m learning about how I come across to others, and that I can say some things or wear some things to impact others in a way that is more desirable to me (tho’ you can never totally control it, b/c people will react based on their own experiences and lens), and there’s a whole area of art and psychology to do this kind of thing.. and total transparency, as is the tone of this journal, seems to put most people into shock, while it does invite a few to dialogue (which is my preferred result)..

I had my first golf lesson yesterday, looking to pick that up as a part of my social repetoire..

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