quick trip, slow travel

[a lost entry reconstructed]

Back from a quick trip out West to Las Vegas, was at Leadership Network‘s Multiplication & Teaching Churches Briefing. Tight schedule, brillant concept: 24-hour schedule that provided exposure and interaction with up to 16 innovatively effective churches.

Like Rudy (who was not there), I could rattle off a name-drop roll-call: Tim Keller, Dave Gibbons, Adam Edgerly, Mike Slaughter, Bob Roberts, Leith Anderson, Mark Driscoll, Wayne Cordeiro,
but those were among the headliners. About 240 people in all. Also ran into 2 DTS alumni (classmates), and a few Asian faces like Ken Okajima, Abel Kimm, Joon Han, Thomas Park, John Kim (the Evanston one).

Very energizing conversations for me to be among innovators. Enjoyed trading notes with the LN team, especially Dave Travis. I was rudely reminded there’s only 2% of people who are categorically innovators, and I did not need to hear how hard it was to find
innovative conversations.

All of this amidst a very slow-going travel, with delays at every leg. We’re talking like arriving at 5:00am on both ends. And the Las Vegas airport that purportedly launched its airport-wide WiFi network wasn’t working but for 5 minutes, so no blogging while my departing flight was delayed for 3 hours. I coulda done some other things in Vegas had I know my flight was delayed.

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