quick start to my new normal

Okay, a week off on an unplugged excursion leaves me jet-lagged and ramping up fast towards 3 packed weeks staring me down, which includes more travels, too. I was able to clear out my inbox quick enough, but those 2 early morning phone calls were challenging (8:00am yesterday, 7:00am today) right after returning home 11pm the night before. Unlike Eric, I cannot skip time zones and hit the ground running full speed ahead. Heard from one of my sources that Eric went from Spain to an overnighter in Colorado and onto Malaysia. Whew.

A couple of things, among many, to mention:

Ken Fong‘s speaking at a conversation about Progressive Christian Culture and Innovation at USC tomorrow 10/30 night. Just found out; can’t make it, b/c I’m en route to DFW via PHX. There’s gonna be free food from Mama’s Hot Tamales Café.

Had great phone conversation with Pete Sung, and affirming to hear of his passion for God’s Kingdom and next gen Asian Americans. Too bad he zapped his goatee.

Pete Sung before and after

And, if you’re curious about my excursion last week, I posted a handful of my best photos over at flickr:

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3 Responses

  1. Angela Yee says:

    Hi DJ, I didn't know you knew Pete Sung too! What a small world!

  2. human3rror says:

    good luck with the sched.

  3. Pete Sung says:

    Yep, the goatee had to go. It just didn't go with the yellow jumpsuit (I'm “Game of Death Bruce” this Halloween).