Publisher CEO blogs voraciously

A while back I emailed Publisher Thomas Nelson’s CEO, Michael Hyatt, about his blogging, curious if he really did it himself, since I’ve discovered that some (many? all?) top executives often have their staff write the copy on their public communications. He replied back within a day:

Yes, I do all the writing

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I’ll comment!
    As a regular reader of your blog, really liked this post. Those of us who blog ourselves know the inherent value of blogging as a communication medium, both for the reader and for the blogger. I, too, post 3 times a week and although some of my posts I like and some I don’t, the discipline of regular intervals of writing has been very valuable to me.

    Sometimes other pastors will ask me “how do you have time to blog?” That always tips me off that they’re missing developing their voice for the next generation. The average MySpacer visits their site approximately 30 times a day. We don’t have time not to blog if we hope to understand what kind of a new world we’re living in.

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