props, architecture, and podcasting while driving

Having blogged since 1999, before it was called blogging, I will say this: the volunteer organizers of GodBlogCon were very quick learners, picked up on blogosphere ethos in no time! So here’s to you, Matt “mere-orthodoxy” Anderson, and Curtis “a-sdf” Schweitzer, some link love! 🙂 Plus, some more link love to Aaron “thevoiz” Flores for being my only other emergent companion in evangelical-ville, to organizers John Mark Reynolds + Andy “SmartChristian” Jackson + Hugh Hewitt too (tho’ he probably doesn’t need any link love), to Lores “Just a Woman” for returning my call so quickly, Mark Swanson for being candid, Joel Thomas for sticking out as a mainliner, David “Jollyblogger” Wayne for theologizing on blogs, 33 pages in print at that, Don Bosch for being green.

And while you’re here, would you show the caring power of the blogosphere to a friend of mine? Jim had only started blogging a few months ago. Discovered he had cancer and now going through chemo, blogging to tell about it. He’s a strong man of faith, but your encouragement can help. This is email week — drop him a comment or email if you’ll read his blog regularly.

Al Mohler responds in, The Architecture of Megachurches — What Do These Buildings Mean?, to the piece, An Anatomy of Megachurches: The new look for places of worship. While Al prioritizes the theological content over architectural context, and infinitely so, that kind of priority and emphasis works against a more holistic understanding of God’s creation, that the architecture reflects and embodies and communicates a theology, in fact so much so that the cathedrals of old were the theological statement of its time! Just because we can read, and can blog, now, that’s not an excuse to be so infinitely dismissive of architecture’s theology of place.

Recorded one of my occasional audio blogs, my Daily Commute Podcast, today. Then I find out that someone named Mike D, who also happens to be in Maryland, doing a podcast with the same name at My Daily Commute. He’s got a lot more pep, one of the ingredients to being a more enjoyable listen.

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