ProgressiveFaithBlogCon and GodBlogCon

Christian bloggers of different stripes are gathering this summer, at ProgressiveFaithBlogCon on July 14-16 and GodBlogCon on August 3-5 [ht: SmartChristian].

Each with their respective set of polarizing bloggers and political advocates. There’s a few voices in the mix who are politically ambivalent like myself, but very few. The bulk of the programming appears to be talking about cultural impact using political rhetorics, organizational and institutional perspectives, not so much individuals relating and empathizing online. My embarrassing discovery at last year’s GodBlogCon: when they’re talking about “poliblogging,” they’re talking about political blogging, not polyblogging.

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  1. rob says:

    Yeah, that’s really too bad. I was disappointed in GodBlogCon last time because it was almost all political. Not much of an emphasis on other kinds of ministry or even creative ways to use a “Blog” for “God” at this “Con”. Oh well. I don’t plan to go back, particularly if it’s mostly political. I’m not interested in that. I’ve been pushing blogs for other ministry purposes (conferences, reporting, communications, topical discussions, etc). Bummer.

  2. djchuang says:

    Rob, then you may be interested in this conference on Internet ministry called GospelCon, September 21-23 (2006) in Chicago.

  3. rob says:

    Yes, that is much more appealing. Thanks!

  4. Poli-blogging is just….like….so last week…

    Poly-blogging, now there’s a concept with self-generative, future oriented, long-term viability.