prep’ing for Purpose Driven Network Summit 2008

Special thanks to Tony Steward (and Rick Warren) for getting us connected and getting us bloggers access to the Purpose Driven Network Summit this week May 20-22 at Saddleback Church! Tony has dubbed us the “LIVE Summit Team“, which includes Carlos “RagamuffinSoul” Whittaker, Josh “morethandodgeball” Griffin, Tony Morgan “Live”, and me. Tony (over-?) ambitiously wants to reach 15,000 viewers

We, the LIVE Summit team, will be blogging, podcasting, and live-streaming video during the entire conference. We’ll use Twitter too — those of you who twitter at the Summit, please use hashtag #pdsummit08 to be trackable.

Watch the PDSummit08 live-streaming videos and interviews at

I’ll be live-blogging at the Learnings @ Leadership Network blog and here, if CoverItLive works the way I think it should. Plus, we’ll be equipped with FLIP cameras, so I’ll be posting raw videos over at my YouTube channel, a la man-on-the-street style.

After it’s over, the PDSummit08 conference podcasts will be posted at Rick Warren’s Ministry Podcast.

Your turn – what question would you ask Rick Warren and/or any of the 35 panelists? Ragamuffinsoul already has 38 comments — don’t make me look bad with any less! 🙂

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