preparing for Monday, blogosphere buzz about Chrsitian leaders

For fun, this weekend, I’m getting some techie gear in place for a premiere all-out multimedia fest this coming Monday. I’m going to do “a day in the life” of myself, with blogging, podcasting, vlogging, photos, and IMing. I won’t be able to get things online live (mostly b/c it costs too much for me to pull that off), so the chronology of that day will be posted during the week.

Last night, went to Best Buy to pick up a digital camera, one that’d be more handy than my Nikon Coolpix 5400. Picked out the gear, even went for the upsell (the current sales and marketing strategy in many retail stores) of the service contract, but by the end of the day, I was empty handed, and walked out of the store. The guy in front of me at the register had difficulty getting his credit card through, and I stood for well over 5 minutes waiting. Unacceptable. Suggestion to retail stores: keep on with the upsell strategy, if that’s helping the bottom line, but speed up the checkout process, and make sure you close the sale! Nobody should wait if they’re ready to hand you money!

A few of the other random things that crossed my mind this morning:

A new quiz based on a paper by Tim Keller, titled The Cultures of the Presbyterian Church in American (PCA). “The quiz is short on questions, big on generalizations.”

What the blogosphere has to say about some Christian people, according to Technorati at 11:00am today (one of the things about the World Live Web is that it’s always changing) :
12,713 posts matching “hugh hewitt”
7,037 posts matching “james dobson”
4,018 posts matching “billy graham”
3,276 posts matching “rick warren”
2,708 posts matching “jim wallis”
2,247 posts matching “brian mclaren”
1,987 posts matching “john piper”
1,501 posts matching “chuck colson”
710 posts matching “andrew jones”
411 posts matching “erwin mcmanus”
386 posts matching “doug pagitt”
319 posts matching “tallskinnykiwi”
312 posts matching “d.a. carson”

I’m sure there’s an easier way to do this, if someone could hack together a script using the technorati api, take it beyond the watchlist concept, and towards a buzz chart concept, on a list of customizable keywords.

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