When words are not enough

Someone said to me that typing and writing uses different parts of the brain. Tonight I took a stylus and wrote. And drew a bit too.

These words surfaced as I thought of the people around me, especially friends and family. What could I say, or in this case, write, as words of hoping and wishing the best, and better, for each and every one. An expression of prayer art, my word art offered up as a cry and plea.

2 replies on “When words are not enough”

  1. Coming from a Plymouth Brethren background, it was hard for me to initially admit that ‘praying in tongues’ was of any value. However, if you strongly believe that you should pray about a person or a situation and you don’t know what to say, and the Holy Spirit has not provided a specific ‘filling’ for your prayer, I have found that tongues are quite beautiful and can provide an ‘echo’ that your are ‘getting through’. All of the above terms within inverted commas are my own way of stating things. They may not be your ‘cup of tea’.

    1. Hello David, thank you for adding your comments. I too have had some valuable experiences in a Plymouth Brethren context for a couple years. I miss the wonderfully pensive weekly Lord’s Supper on Sunday nights.

      Yeah, I’m okay with other people that find it meaningful to pray with unintellegible words, some call it tongues, and I am more persuaded now that having the posture of seeking God is a good thing. Go ahead and do that. Good for you. And if that praying in tongue thing doesn’t work for other Christ-followers, allow them to pray in ways that are meaningful to them. The point is, pray and pray often. Pray personally and meaningfully towards God—that’s a good thing.

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