Talking honestly to an audience of one

There’s that saying of doing something for an audience of one. Usually that saying comes with a capital O, referring to God, referring how things we do should not be an effort to get attention for ourselves or to merely please other people and to get their praises. The point is to do something for the approval of the One who matters most and ultimately is the one I answer to, the One who created me. The point is to do this with a clear conscious, no ulterior motive or agenda, no manipulation, or whatever other kinds of impurities. Not profit making, no strings attached, no self-promotion and no putting down others.

Of course that’s hard to do, because we are imperfect and have blind spots. Too often all that is said in a context where there is money involved, whether to build an audience that can be monetized, or to create a product for fundraising against, or to persuade people towards something of an organizational mission, or whatever.

To Be Honest, Totally

I don’t want to do that, at all. I am talking to you God, in anticipation of a live video I am thinking of recording, where I talk to an audience of one. Unscripted, honestly sharing something personal and vulnerable, to empathize with someone struggling. Connecting with that one person is what I need your help with. When to record that video. When that person happens to watch my video. I hope my sincerely honest video will motivate and help that person to know that their life is worth living, and that watching the video, they will do something courageous to talk one step towards healthy living. I leave it at that. Do what you will.