Praying in the New Year 2022

This new year 2022 started off with an unexpected surprise. R experienced what some would call exhaustion and burnout from her efforts in elderly caregiving for her parents, ages 81 and 83.

Please pray for Rachelle’s protection and self-care, the past 3 months of caregiving has taken a toll on her mind and body. She held it together as long as she could, now she can’t no more. She needs a safe place and space away from her parents. She needs to release worry and panic about them. She needs healing. We are in a safe undisclosed location; I will share updates as progress comes in time. We are learning much patience and humility.

Just as you’ve been here for me (DJ) 5 years ago, please be supportive of Rachelle this time around, if/when you can. We don’t have any urgent needs at the moment.

Comments are welcomed, and I can read to her when she is ready to receive. No deliveries or gift cards or visitors at this time; happy to receive those later – will signal you when it’d be okay if you want to express love and care that way.

Thanks for praying and support. \dj/

p.s. for those of you on Facebook, join the Facebook group, Praying with DJ & Rachelle, to get more frequent updates.