Taking a step back on a beautiful day to reflect on the goodness of life. And for that I am very thankful. It’s graduation week for many college students, and I’m sure they’re very happy to reach a big milestone. As I think of them, I hope they will do good things with their lives and do good for the world. We need more of the good guys to shine brightly in these days of tragedies, abuses, all kinds of evils.

Thank you for time to meet up with some old friends from 20 years ago. Think of their 2 young daughters and their jobs’ fulfillment. I also think of others who are traveling. Glad to know how freely people can travel and I hope it enriches their marriages.

Slowing down. It’s not the pace of life that I’d prefer to live. But last year, especially, you God have shown me that I have to slow down for my own health and sanity. I’d much prefer to go faster. My mind runs fast. I think you’ve given me that. But my emotions, my feelings, my body, the other parts of me can’t keep up with my mindful of ideas.

There’s that saying of doing something for an audience of one. Usually that saying comes with a capital O, referring to God, referring how things we do should not be an effort to get attention for ourselves or to merely please other people and to get their praises. The point is to do something for the approval of the One who matters most and ultimately is the one I answer to, the One who created me. The point is to do this with a clear conscious, no ulterior motive or agenda, no manipulation, or whatever other kinds of impurities. Not profit making, no strings attached, no self-promotion and no putting down others.

Thank you God for this new day. And how great of a day this is. Today I have life and that is more than enough to give thanks. Every breath. Every sigh. Every scene. Every step. Every blink. These are all the smallest part of amazing things that make up my life, and the millions and billions of people around this world.

This time of year is extra important because it is the day that Christ-followers celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! What incredible news that has made this day the day that makes all the difference in the world. Because Jesus is alive and has overcome death, this is the same reality that I too can experience in my life. That is really the best gift because it lasts forever.