One Day Makes all the Difference in the World

Thank you God for this new day. And how great of a day this is. Today I have life and that is more than enough to give thanks. Every breath. Every sigh. Every scene. Every step. Every blink. These are all the smallest part of amazing things that make up my life, and the millions and billions of people around this world.

This time of year is extra important because it is the day that Christ-followers celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! What incredible news that has made this day the day that makes all the difference in the world. Because Jesus is alive and has overcome death, this is the same reality that I too can experience in my life. That is really the best gift because it lasts forever.

This really really is the biggest difference that makes the Christian faith different than all other faiths or doubts. I am not writing this for other people that might read this. I am writing it for myself and to remind myself of why this can and does make my life matter.

My Momentary Lapses

I confess that there are moments in my life when my mind and heart get distracted by whatever, oh you know, the temptation to quit, the desire for relief, the existential angst of short-sighted impulses, the disturbance in my moodiness, oh goodness, my God, I have believed and want to renew my belief, to grasp it somehow, so that my faith in you will overshadow and overcome all this over little things that poke a hole in my otherwise very good day and very good life. I really do have so very very much. A very very blessed life. Whatever it is to call my momentary glitches or flutters, it does not have to define me or limit me. I can come here and talk with you. To say out loud, or in this case, to type it out, and get it out of my mind, so it’s no longer just my own thing that I carry by myself alone.

Jesus Christ the risen Savior has saved me from the pain of death. Jesus is also saving me from my moments of fear and frustration and imperfections and anxiety.

Goodness Gracious Every Day

Thank you good Lord Jesus. Thank you for the goodness of this day. Thank you for your kindness that you are near. Thank you that I can celebrate this day with you and with family. These are very good gifts for today. And you have also promised me the greatest gift for every day and forever more. That is blessed assurance. Calm my heart today and every day.

I have to say it feels kind of fully to be with my church family today to celebrate this day with all-out joy and praise, and also to have a tinge of mixed emotions. That is the human condition, yes, is it not? So that is okay, at the end of the day, what is certain will prevail. What is today for it’s meaningfulness and and its meaning for all other days, may that give strength, healing, and freedom to all who receive and believe. I ask this would overflow through my mind and heart, verbal and nonverbals, for this day and many more. Thanks for renewing me today and hearing me out.