I’m thinking about you and many others too

Taking a step back on a beautiful day to reflect on the goodness of life. And for that I am very thankful. It’s graduation week for many college students, and I’m sure they’re very happy to reach a big milestone. As I think of them, I hope they will do good things with their lives and do good for the world. We need more of the good guys to shine brightly in these days of tragedies, abuses, all kinds of evils.

Thank you for time to meet up with some old friends from 20 years ago. Think of their 2 young daughters and their jobs’ fulfillment. I also think of others who are traveling. Glad to know how freely people can travel and I hope it enriches their marriages.

Everybody Struggling Through Life

I also think of other people who are suffering in different ways. I think of the guy who has a heightened level of sensitivity to people and relationships, and how that adds stress and anxiety to his life. I think of the group of people that meet together and encourage each other for their common struggles in the realms of anxiety, depression, and despair. I think of the

I think of parents who are distraught over their child’s struggle with mental illness that needs special attention, maybe even hospitalization until they can find the right way to manage life.

I think of the fallen, those who have lost loved ones in wars and battles. I think of their families and friends, those who grieve so hard, and their faith is tested. I hope they don’t lose faith but find it.

Mortality has such a deafening ring that demands attention. It’s sobering. I think of my Dad, who died 7 years ago this week. I think of one other who grieves from a recent relative’s death, and I’ve only connected with them over twitter. I think of the Mom, and the Auntie and Uncle, who died last year. And with Mother’s Day this weekend, those who have had Moms pass away, it may well trigger memories of loss and pain. I hope they will also recall memories of life and goodness.

I know of many others who struggle, be it addiction, disease, illness, sickness, chronic pain, strained relationships, abused, used, taken advantage of, cheated, wounded, repentant, lonely, challenged, recovering, striving, anxious over the next season of life, searching for the next opportunity, seeking transition at the right time.

Oh I hurt with them, if I can that it would be my empathy pouring out. How can I not stay up longer to plead to God for help for them? Forgive me. I only have so much time and energy in a day. I do what I can, knowing that I don’t have to do it all. Even when it comes to this thing called prayer.

Readers who don’t know me at all

I think of the total strangers that would read these words. However you get here, I hope you are open to the spiritual realm of life. There’s more than what we can see, taste, hear, or touch. It’s the intangible goodness of love, hope, faith, ideas, dreams, and decisions that add to a meaningful life. I hope you don’t get disillusioned by the bad examples of religious people that give religion a bad name. Truth is, people of faith and people without faith, they both have those that don’t uphold their stated values and thus are hypocrites.

I don’t think it better for people to not have faith and live lawlessly in a dog-eat-dog kind of world. I do find it disgusting that some people will pretend to be religious and be totally unfaithful. That’s the person’s fault, not the truths and goodness of faith. For those who do have faith and want to have faith, it’s a good thing to have.

Could you imagine what the world would be like without faith? I can’t think of great examples in all of human history where atheism has inspired a great society. It’s okay if you don’t follow any kind of faith. But when life gets hard, and it’s not if, it’s when, I have found faith to be a very helpful resource and strength, when I need all the help I can get. Thanks be to God.