How We Can Pray Together

Thank you for caring, commenting, and praying. Rachelle is responding well to her body that is telling her to rest. She can only do 2-3 things a day, then she needs to sleep. That’s a good thing. We have taken away her phone, to support her need to unplug and to help quiet the racing thoughts haunting her.

We have come to realize that Rachelle cannot be her parents’ caregiver to keep her health and sanity. Her Cantonese-speaking parents, ages 81 and 83, have strong preferences and think they’re healthy, don’t need care, and resist medical assessment or taking medicine But truth is: he has very high blood pressure, with risk of stroke imminent; she has dementia and recurring anxiety. Further decline is coming next; how soon we don’t know.

Our prayer is that her parents would soften their hearts to accept the provision of Rowntree Gardens’ assisted living as their new home. Rowntree has a fixed pricing plan available that can fit within their budget if their house is sold; and that will provide the finances for their room & board, care, quality of life, and safety. The miracle would be the parents surrender to this provision.

R’s parents prayer is that they are temporarily staying at Rowntree, and they want to move back home asap. But they don’t have finances to cover the necessary caregiving costs that is already imminent as their health continues to decline. Their prayer is for God’s provision for their finances and their care at home.

How will God answer? Will He answer the prayers of many, or of the few, or a whole unexpected surprise? In His time and in His way, we’ll find out, eh?