power relator

today has been an incredible day, quite an intense emotional journey.. in the morning, i was lamenting the adjustments i [feel like] i have to make in terms of relationships, that i don’t have the depth of relationship that i desire to have, especially as a power relator, and i was feeling resigned to the fact that this may be a need that i have that may go unfulfilled.. and for my relational side, which is a big part of me, it was very sad..

but this morning, I did finish updating my personal web site, at least on the first level of web pages, so it’s looking consistent and nicely navigatable.. then this day has been filled with meetings, almost one after the other, as many things are happening at my church, and they’re needing much prayer and discernment and wisdom each step of the way.. and then the Lord confirmed His hand upon us this afternoon as we opened a letter of tremendous encouragement.. God is at work in this adventure called life..

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