Postmodern Worship on a Farm

Good to be back home, being at a nice hotel resort is, well, nice, but I started getting cabin fever after a few days. An adventure getting back, we squeezed in (as I’m often known to do with how I do scheduling) an excursion en route from Vail to Denver Airport, and stopped by for delicious burgers at Cherry Cricket downtown, leaving 1 hour to spare before my departure. Not enough lead time for DEN/DIA, b/c the security line weaved for at least an hour. I get to the gate 1 minute late, and some airlines now end boarding 15-20 minutes prior. Good thing there was another flight into metro DC a few hours later. Originally flew out of Washington National, returned via Washington Dulles. I roamed around the airport for a few hours, an extra layover if you will. No free WiFi to be found, and I was not going to pay $9.95 just to login for an hour. Got in after midnight, great to be home in my own bed. Will prob take a few days to get re-sync’d to Eastern time and weekly routines.

Just found this interview with Brian McLaren about his home church: “Postmodern Worship on a Maryland Farm” (full disclosure: it’s my church homebase too)

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  1. Imei says:

    What? Delayed by a Cherry Cricket burger??? Hee hee hee! Glad it tasted good.

    We need to catch up, buddy. I can neither keep up with your travels or the speed of your emotional intelligence. I’m creeping along like a slow bowel movement (sorry for the visuals). Been watching the political debates, but not ready to be interviewed. The head bangers (therapists) with me decided that no matter who gets elected, we have to make sure that nobody dies or gets impeached, because neither of the vp’s are leadership material. Yikes! I live in the neighborhood where the Bush/Cheney offices were ramsacked. Doesn’t make the Dem’s look too good. Then again, Bush came off like an angry evangelistic preacher (sorry!), not the “passionate” interpretation we might have preferred. Angry, looks… well, ANGRY no matter what word you put to it. Still, does ANYONE really know what Kerry’s real plans are, when he repeats, “I have a plan”?? Even with a brain, I remain confused. Does anyone know what they are doing? (*snicker*)